3 Fun Ideas for Elderly People to Get Healthy While Being Social

Seniors represent a specific group that has great risk of depression and dementia. These two syndromes usually occur when the elderly people are separated or isolated from their families and friends. Although much have been said about the certain attention that this diverse group of people require, there are certain ways through which they are able to prevent the potential for mental disorder. That’s why, it is imperative that seniors be aiming to get fit combined with the prospect of being social thus staying physically and mentally on top.  In this article we will provide some basic activities that can provide fitness and social benefits to the elderly people.

Health experts and researchers have the common conclusion that walking is one of the crucial activities through which the seniors can improve their overall health.  According to Dr. Michael Pratt, president for the Physical Activity and Health Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC) “Walking is an unique concept that provides an significant physical activity for senior people. It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it is available to almost anyone. Moreover, it can help the seniors to maintain their mobility and independence in general.
An additional optimizing pattern of the Hiking is that enables the seniors to be social while getting fit. Based on the fact that seniors tend to hike in groups, it safe to say it is also a social physical activity. Hiking in groups provides the seniors an opportunity to get into the outdoors and to enjoy the nature together. Hiking groups also can share the load and help one another over rough terrain thus creating social relationships and friendship over time.
2. Dancing
Dancing can be described as demanding physical activity that gets seniors to be a part of social event. In the same, it enables them to be active and keeps them moving during the act. The concept of dancing is a great experience which enables the seniors mingle while enjoying their favorite songs and tunes. Moreover, dancing can have a positive effect on seniors that have various knee, hip and arthritis pain. Dancing can improve their balance, boost brain health, and improve the body loss factor.
3. Fitness
A highly beneficial concept for seniors is the idea to join some Fitness Club. While much have been said on the benefits of being active, fitness center can also be a utilized as a socialization environments.On that note, it is important to emphasize that a fitness club can be a good place to strengthen social bonds. It’s a natural gathering spot, pulling seniors together to engage in a great activity.

Several studies pinpoint that fitness centers play a crucial role in maintaining social bonds in seniors. In one study published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, which conducted focus groups of participants in a fitness program for older adults, one senior stated “being able to socialize with people and to laugh helps the body to become better and the mind stronger.”.” On a final note, we can conclude that seniors have more fun and benefit from pursuing physical activities with friends and peers. It provides them with the opportunity to experience physical and emotional wellbeing which is crucial for their health on the long term.

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