How the Changes of Medicare Advantage Plans Transformed the Hospital System?

Every new change in the one part of a facility can possibly bring changes in other related parts. The Medicare advantage plans cover the hospital services in its coverage area. When the plans are changed they also changed the system of hospitals. This change is the basic need because of the requirements of the elderly patient that are under the age 65.

It will also change the patient’s average demographic that are consuming the hospital services and using the insurance policies for paying the hospital charges. It is determined in a survey in 1965 that the 2/3 patients were of the age 65 but the survey of 2010 displayed that in this year the ½ of the patients were of the age 65 years or more. In this article, we show you the various changes that the Medicare advantage plans bring in the hospital.

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Coordinated System:

The transformation brings the coordination between the different branches of the same name hospital. This will be helpful in handling a large number of the patient at the same time and can share the machine resources of high technology with each other.

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Decreased Number of Hospital Beds:

According to the survey, the number of the beds in the hospital is decreased up to 33 percent from the previous year of 1965. This is all because of the payments methods used by Medicare advantage plans. The Medicare plans prefer the outpatient costs instead of inpatient costs of hospital payments.

Change the Hospital Mission:

The most of the hospitals are working as charity and they do not work for having profit. Their mission is to serve the humanity whenever they require any help related to health.

Less Hospital Stays:

From the time 1965, the average hospital stay rate is decreased to a great extent. This is achieved by providing the outpatient treatment and the use of inpatient treatments is lower than the outpatient services.

More Benefits in Less Cost:

The old age patient is serviced better in the hospital even from the previous time. The patient with a chronic health condition that needs more care is served better by the hospital staff. The changing condition provides the more services in a few your cost.


After looking at the above changes we can see the modifications in the hospital system are making the hospitals more useful for the patient. You can get your desired treatment under complete hospital care and in the use of less reimbursement that will save your health and money together.  This is all because of the  new Medicare advantage plans.