Illegal Medigap proceedings

It is acutely important to understand the different acts that might be considered illegal under law and practice. It is essential for self-protection and of others to know these activities so as to avoid them and in the case noted could be notified to the respective authorities. It is a matter of the future and health.

Here are ten Medigap practices that can be labeled as illegal:

  • If any insurance company or any agent of an insurance company pressures’ anyone to buy a Medicare advantage plan or has lied to make a person switch from one policy to another.
  • If any insurance provider sells a second Medicare advantage plans when the person already has an existing policy. This is approved only under one condition that is if the person has stated in writing that they plan to cancel the existing policy.
  • There are other plans which are mutually exclusive to Medigap policies. Medicaid is one of those policies. Under certain circumstances only having Medicaid is allowed.
  • If the insurance policy providers try to sell Medicare advantage plans when there is already an existing Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. Medigap policy can be sold only if Medicare advantage package ends before the start of Medigap policy.
  • If any insurer claims that the Medigap is a part of the Medicare program. This is absolutely not true. It is not included in the Medicare program. Medigap is a separate health insurance provided by private insurance companies.
  • If any insurer claims that the Medicare Advantage program is a Medicare advantage plans. Both policies are different from each other and cannot be applied to at the same time.
  • Different states have the same policies but may have some extra benefits. Make sure that the policies sold by the insurance provider are legitimate and are available in the state. The policy can be cross-checked with the State Insurance Department.
  • It is also illegal to sell a Medicare advantage plan if the insured has stated that they want the original Medicare and a Medigap policy. A medicare advantage plan is different from the Medigap plan and the original Medicare plans.
  • Misuse of the following names, letters or symbols:
  • CMS – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services
  • S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)
  • Social security

They cannot say that the Medicare advantage plans have been recommended by the Federal government and so on.

  • If the Medigap insurance agent claims to be a Medicare representative.

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