Mandala Meditation Types for Seniors

Mandala Meditation Types for Seniors

  1. Sand Mandala

The first type of mandala you can do is the simplest. Sand mandalas remind us that all material is temporary. This is very useful when you literally strangled experiences, as it allows you to immediately see the perspective. You can draw something directly on the beach or bring sandbags to your home. Listen to your instincts, depict different shapes in the sand, and then complement them with patterns. Complex sand mandalas are made by Buddhists to excite Kalachakra. They are made of sandstones of different colors, and then given to the will of the winds as a sign of dedication to the world.

2 Mandalas of nature

The following type of mandala uses a natural approach, they can be made using leaves, stones, earth, fruit, seeds or flowers. It is best to create such mandalas in the open air so that after use, the various elements dispel them. You can also assemble the components of the mandala on a solid basis and then use them again. This type of mandala is very useful if you want to feel intimacy with nature.

3 Geometric Mandalas

The third type of mandala is divided into quadrants, each of which, in turn, is also divided. Each part of a geometric mandala personifies a specific area of life, and your attention can be concentrated on one or several areas. The center of the mandala – the main source of energy. The power of the patterns takes energy from there and returns it again. Any materials can be used for the manufacture of this type of mandala – colored pencils, inks, paints. Pieces of fabric can be sewn or glued to make a fabric mandala.

4 Personal Mandalas

After you have tried other mandalas, you can go to the fourth type – mandalas, created specifically for your needs. First of all, you should choose the main point of concentration. For example, if you want to express your inner essence, select a photo or a drawing with a special image as the central focus. Then create a design around it that symbolizes various aspects of your life. It can also show you how you perceive yourself and what can bring you success. Such a mandala is a symbol of who you are and who you would like to be.

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