Wines of the World

A great hobby to enjoy during retirement, or at any point in your life really, is becoming an expert on the wonderful world of wine. With so many different varieties of wine being made today, it’s impossible to know all there is to know about it. Take a break from researching Medicare supplement plans and use these helpful tips to talk wine like a pro.


The most obvious aspect to know is, of course, red versus white. You can certainly enjoy both kinds of wine, but you should definitely have a favorite. At the very least, have a certain situation in your head as to when you would drink one over the other, for when people inevitably ask you. Typically white wines pair well with seafood and lighter fruit, and red pair well with red meat, poultry, cheese, and heavier fruit. There’s no rule here really, it’s entirely up to the consumer, but it’s a helpful guideline. White wines are also usually kept somewhat cold, where red wines are stored at room temperature for the most part.

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It’s also helpful to know how the wine becomes either red or white, and it’s not just red grapes versus green ones. Red wine is made from red grapes with the skin still left on, while white wine is made from any grapes that have been skinned. You can, of course, make a blend and you have likely heard of Rose wine as well, with its pinkish color. The names of wine types, not the wine maker’s name, is actually the kind of grape that the wine is made from. Pinot Noir, for example, is the Pinot Noir grape. The reason different Pinot Noir wines can taste wildly different from one another is because any kind of grape can be planted in any terrain environment in the world, and the different compositions of soils and climates from region to region alter the flavor of the grape, particularly noticed once it has been made into wine. So a Pinot Noir grape planted in France may taste very different from a Pinot Noir grape planted in Italy.


Use this information at your next dinner party to really impress your friends. They may all start looking to you to make wine recommendations for them at home and when you go out, and then you will really look like a start at the restaurant when the wine decision is always falling on you.