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What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading eyebrows has the potential to make your eyebrows look great. It is true that the way your looks are framed is largely dependent on how your eyebrows are shaped.

When your eyebrows are well-groomed and shaped in a way that compliments your face, it has the ability to change your looks, by making you appear more attractive and younger.

However, overgrown eyebrows or over-plucked eyebrows can make you appear much older than you really are.

With this in mind many women are interested in what the best method is to use to shape their eyebrows.

The answer to this question according to a number of beauty experts lies in “Eyebrow Threading”.

Eyebrow threading is known as a popular method used to shape the area of the eyebrows which is conducted with the use of cotton threads. It is said that this beauty concept is more well-known in the East, opposed to the Western world.

The process involved in threading is associated with twisting actions whereby the threads of cotton trap the eyebrow hairs and pulls them out of their follicles.

Individuals who conduct this particular treatment explain that the process is a smooth, gentle and just about painless method to quickly remove unwanted eyebrow hair.

This technique is more popular in Eastern countries such as China and India. However, threading is quickly gaining popularity in a number of the Western countries.

It is an ancient, asian hair-removal technique that has been practiced for a very long time (literally for centuries), and used mostly by one of the most beautiful women of Asia. If you’re looking for a working alternative to waxing or tweezing, then you must try threading, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Womans Eyebrows


Threading has become huge sensation lately. Everybody wants to know more about threading, everybody wants to learn how to do threading, so we figured it’s a good way to start things off with a little guide. And if you’ve never seen it before, it may look rather odd. A recent customer said:

“First time I’ve tried it, I was so amazed, that I tried to explain it to my family and friends and I couldn’t. I just couldn’t explain, they couldn’t understand.

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Threading is one of those things you just have to see to believe. In threading, we use cotton thread. One end of the thread is anchored in the mouth, it’s twisted around, and what it does, it takes a line at a time out. Even if you want, you can take one hair at a time out, for the preciseness. Threading is something that has been used around is Asian countries for centuries.

This ancient threading eyebrows technique has literally been turned into art form

And it’s not just about reshaping eyebrows. It’s about removing any and all unwanted facial hair. And it gets the hair close to the root. And hair does not grow back any thicker.

Usually, it takes only 2 to 3 minutes and there’s no pain, it’s easy on your skin. If you’re having skin problems, then you probably already know waxing is not recommended, but threading is a good option for you.

Threading is great for everyone with sensitive skin, even for those taking any of the acne medicine or using any of the facial creams that have any of the fruit acids, or people who have diabetes or people who have skin problems in general, like dry skin, rosacea, etc…

Many who’ve tried eyebrow threading say they’re done with waxing, and now sold on threading.

Eyebrow Threading Near Me

The History Behind It

Eyebrow threading is said to originate from Eastern cultures and is said to have begun in India or Turkey. It was once typically associated with the processes involved in marking adulthood in females. However, with a closer look it was associated more with sanitary practices to assist woman in looking more beautiful.

Globally the term is known as “threading”, but in Egypt it is called “Fatlah” and in Arabic it is called “Khite”.

Past references relating to 6000 years ago state that the woman from Persia had their eyebrows threaded just before they got married. This technique marked adulthood and made them appear more beautiful. It is also believed that in Iran the process is regarded as part of a sacred ceremony that occurs before a marriage. There are various Asian countries such as Tajikistan and Azerbaijan who symbolized the technique as purity in women as well as virility in men.

The stories relating to eyebrow threading also date back to references made by cities in Afghanistan where mini-packs were offered to the on duty US soldiers. These packs included a shave, haircut and free eyebrow shaping.

The process associated with threading involves a practitioner that will hold the thread in their mouth. This is done in such a way that the thread from the mouth part does not touch the person’s skin. Many women use these threading techniques on other parts of the body such as the cheeks, chin, side burns, upper lips and forehead.

Threading is becoming increasingly popular in US and today you can easily locate various beauty salons that make use of this technique. However, many of the beauty salons that offer this service are owned by Eastern owners or have learn’t the technique from an Eastern tutor. In some cases the actual threading technique can differ from one country to the next and will be mainly dependent on the experience and training of the artist.

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What Makes It So Popular?

There are a variety of reasons that contributes to why eyebrow threading has become the preferable method to remove unwanted hair. One of the main reasons is that it is a more natural and gentler method to remove facial hair. It’s unique feature is, it is safe, non-toxic, and not accompanied by unnecessary, and often painful procedures.

Another standout aspect of eyebrow threading is that over and above the removal of unwanted hair, it helps maintain the skin’s elasticity, and is a type of exfoliation which results in a brighter skin tone, and soft and silky smooth skin.

The technique does not cause irritation or a rough feel to the skin. This procedure is even suggested for people who have a sensitive skin as it does not involve any heat stimulating or chemical products. It is also recommended for all types of skins regardless of whether the person has a sensitive, dry, oily, normal or combination skin.


What are the benefits?

Almost Painless And No Dangerous Chemicals

Eyebrow threading is free from artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals or hot wax. There is nothing about the process that will harm the skin. All that is involved is a clever technique using clean cotton threads.

Ideal For Sensitive Skin Types

People with sensitive skin are well aware of that most other types of hair-removal techniques are difficult. However, eyebrow threading is a viable option and will not leave the skin inflamed, blotchy or sore and irritated.

Maintains The Elasticity Of The Skin

The process of threading assists in boosting blood circulation on the area of the skin that undergoes threading. This results in an overall improvement in the texture of the skin. This technique offers an exfoliation process that result in a brighter skin tone that maintains a natural glow. After threading the skin feels soft, flexible and smooth.

Long Lasting

Typically eyebrow hair will begin to grow back within 14 days. However, with eyebrow threading, the hair will only begin to grow back within 21 days. In addition the volume of the hair becomes lighter due to the fact that the technique damages the actual hair follicles and slowly stops further growth. After each session you will start to notice lesser and lighter hair.


One of the best features associated to eyebrow threading is that it is extremely affordable and all that is really needed is that the practitioner has attained the skills in order to perform this task.

How To Do Eyebrow Threading

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Threading is an alternative to waxing or plucking. It uses cotton thread to shape and groom the eyebrows.

You will need:

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Mirror
  • Strong cotton thread
  • Scissors
  • Steady hand


  • Ice

Step 1:

Draw your desired shape with the eyebrow pencil and use the mirror to determine which hairs need to be plucked.

Step 2:

Cut off about 2 feet of thread, tie the ends together to form a circle. To minimize pain or irritation, numb the eyebrow area with ice before you begin threading.

Step 3:

Hold the loop open around your thumb and index finger, bending your wrist, so your fingers point towards your body. With your right hand still, twist your left hand clockwise at the wrist, three or four times, twisting the loop into a bow tie shape.

Step 4:

Position the twisted section of the thread below the hair you want to remove. The twisting thread going against the direction of the hair growth, will catch the hair and pull it out. Threading can remove a lot of hair very quickly. Practice on your leg or upper lip to gain confidence and skill.

Step 5:

Open the hand below the twist in the threads simultaneously closing your other hand. The hair will be tweezed out by the twist in the string.

Step 6:

Close the hand below the twist while opening your other hand. Reposition the twist in the thread below the hair you want to remove and repeat the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does eyebrow threading take?

A: A session usually takes no more then 5-10 minutes. Upper lip threading usually takes way less, about 3 minutes on average. If you’re doing full face threading, it may take a bit longer, 15 to 20 minutes.

Q: Where can you apply threading?

A: You can do it on you eyebrows, lips, chin, neck, even fingers and other areas.

Q: Does the hair grow back darker and thicker or is that a myth?

A: It is a myth.

Q: Does eyebrow threading hurt?

A: Yes, it does hurt (just a little bit though, no worries) when you first start doing it, but after only a few “pulls”, your skin becomes numb and it doesn’t hurt anymore. It still causes way less discomfort than eyebrow waxing.

Q: What type of thread should I use when I thread my eyebrows?

A: Cotton thread is preferred, because it’s smoother on your skin and grips the hair better (Polyester thread is a little more slippery and it tends to snap).

Q: How do you know the difference between the cotton and polyester thread?

A: The polyester thread is very shiny and it’s a little bit thicker.

Q: Is threading better than waxing?

A: I (Liz) personally stick to threading. It does make your skin a little bit red, but it’s not like waxing, where a couple of days later you may get these little bumps or your skin starts to peel or get flaky, and it will just hurt. Threading doesn’t do that, so that’s why I prefer threading over waxing and plucking, so that’s my method of hair removal.

Q: Can I use threading to remove hair on other parts of my body?

A: Yes, you could use it to remove hair on your upper lip, on your chin, on your face, basically, anywhere you need to.


To sum it up there are so many advantages to this method of hair removal. It is really a way to remove unwanted hair while avoiding having to use dangerous chemicals or painful methods such as plucking or waxing. Threading eyebrows is easy when you know how, so watch more videos and learn how to do it yourself today. Just do it, it’s easy.

All the best!

Liz Fern

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